Getting Through the Ups and Downs…

By March 31, 2016Inspire

TRUTH TIME… Okay, let’s be honest about the realities of life. 


Going after your calling has its ups and its downs.


Girl watching the clouds

Photo Credit: Léa Dubedout, Unsplash


Yesterday, I was on the airplane on my way home from an amazing training event in Kansas City, feeling like I could do anything and ready to conquer the world. Today I’m tired and emotional and overwhelmed and… tired. 🙂


Both days are real. Neither freak God out.


Elijah’s story gives me hope…


One day he’s defeated Jezebel and 450 false prophets on Mount Carmel. The next day he wants to die. I wish all days were top of the mountain amazing days, but it’s just not real life!


On days like this, I do what I can. I keep moving forward. I try to be good to myself. I’ve gotten some work done today, and this afternoon, once I’ve wrapped up a few more things I’m going to watch a movie (The Intern – an assignment from my training, so it’s a win-win!)


What I’m NOT going to do is beat myself up. What I’m NOT going to do is tell myself to just get over it.


The reality is I’ve been doing a lot of traveling the past couple of weeks. I’ve been taking in a crazy amount of stuff and I’ve been experiencing some major breakthrough. My whole being is tired. That’s okay. There’s a reason God created the Sabbath.


What I won’t do is stay here. I’m going to rest and then move on. I’m going to keep moving forward.


I’m saying all this to say this… if you’re having a day like mine… it’s okay…


You have permission to do the SAME! Be good to yourself, rest and keep moving forward! You and God got this!


I am a Creative World-Changer. You are too.