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Favorite topics are:

‘Your Heavenly Dad is Mad, Crazy, Bonkers in Love with You’

Our Father pursues us, adores us and is mad crazy bonkers in love with us! How do we overcome the orphan mentality, and what does it practically mean to live as sons & daughters of the best Dad in the whole wide world?


‘Be You. Live Your Dream.’

God believes in you and your dreams! You were a dream in God’s heart since before time begin, and He’s even more interested in fulfilling your destiny than you are! How do you discover those dreams hidden so deep you don’t even want to admit them? How do you overcome obstacles like disappointment, finances, rejection, striving and more so you can fully live in your destiny? Only you can do what you do in the way that you do it. No dream is too ‘big’ and no dream is too ‘small’. We passionately believe your obstacles can become stepping stones into your destiny, and those dreams God put into your heart can come true.


‘You and God Got This!’

God wants to partner with you to change the world! We believe God is moving the Church from living in the Wilderness to enjoying life in the Promised Land. We no longer have to sit around and wait for God to move. He wants us to partner with Him to bring Heaven on earth and see our dreams come true. But the tools that worked in the Wilderness don’t work anymore in the Promised Land… It’s a whole new world where you get to enjoy the ‘Divine Paradox’ of 100% God and 100% us. Learn how to live a super-natural lifestyle with God, bring Heaven on earth everywhere you go, and enjoy and multiply the fruits of the Promised Land for you and those around you. You and God got this!

‘Getting God’s Kids Back’

Sharing the gospel doesn’t have to be hard. We don’t have to feel like we’re slimy used car salesmen. We’re not sellng shoddy cars. We’re sharing Jesus! THE most amazing, most loving, most wonder-full being a person can have in their lives! We believe the Bible and the Gospel is all about a Dad who wants His kids back. THE most amazing, mst loving, most wonder-full Dad in the whole wide world – and becoming a Christian is being adopted by Him. There’s no shame…only celebration! What really is the heart of the Gospel? And how can we communicate it in creative, effective and relevant ways?


‘Supernatural Provision’

It is impossible for God to be stingy. He only knows how to give generously. For Him to be any different would be like trying to hold an ocean back with your thumb! God’s finances and resources are unlimited and so are His ways to provide for us. We explore God’s supernatural provision, deal with common lies about finances and release keys and inspiration for breakthrough. We don’t need money, because God doesn’t need money. We need provision. And God is more than able to provide for everything we need.


‘God of Wonder’

If God can become a baby, anything can happen! We have a God who can do more than all we think or imagine, so if we can think of it, He can do wonders even more amazing. A baby turning in a womb when there was no room for baby to move, seven cars and two miracle house, plane turbulence stilling at just a thought – just a few of our personal miracle stories to expand your mind about what’s possible with our amazing wonder-full God.


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