Yes, You are Making a Difference (even more than you know)

By March 16, 2016Inspire

I’m going to let you in on a little behind-the-scenes secret…


An amazing God-thing happened on Saturday, and from the outside it might look like I was a superstar.


A rainbow and a waterfall

Photo Credit: Jared Erondu, Unsplash


Truth is, I was feeling pretty discouraged.


Our adopted son has been really sick and bedridden for nearly three months now (not life-threatening but involves us being on 24/7 alert and multiple wake up calls during the night). I was wrestling with some future decisions and didn’t seem to be making any headway. I was exhausted.


I was on the couch in my comfy clothes, with a beanie on to cover my messy hair, and no makeup. Let’s just say, I wasn’t feeling like the most inspired person in the world!


Then I feel a nudge from God.


‘No, really?’ I asked him.


‘Yes,’ He says.


He was asking me to get on Facebook Live and encourage some people. Live. Video. In my state.


I didn’t even bother arguing with Him about how I really ‘shouldn’t’ be on video and who was I to encourage anyone. I knew what He’d say.


I love Him. I love the people on my page. So I did it.


I got on and shared how I felt like God wanted to encourage some people who were feeling discouraged.


I fumbled over a bunch of words, but it was live, so no redos allowed. I said some stuff and gave a tip or two about what I do when I’m feeling discouraged, one of which is encourage someone else. (I didn’t add, like I was doing then!) And then I prayed for them.


I wish I could say it was this amazing experience and I ended the video super encouraged. Truth is, I actually felt worse. I’d watched the number of viewers drop off as I talked (was it something I said?!). I asked people where they were from, and no one answered back.


I signed off, and thought okay, well, I did it.


I then discovered one person said in the comments, ‘praying’ (hugely grateful to them for their prayers), and another later said ‘thank you’ and told me where they were from.


By Monday, I was seriously thinking about deleting the video. I didn’t look great. I wasn’t even sure what I said was helpful.


Then, I got this… (left as a public comment)


‘Update on your message from this day, because it was a strange one indeed. It helped me help three people get through a time when they did not want to be here on this earth. God speaks in strange ways. God bless you Katherine xx’


Wait? What?! Having been personally healed of 30 years of severe depression, I was blown away and honored and humbled.


I won’t even pretend it had anything to do with me. God knew what was needed. I was simply obedient.


Now, in this case, I happened to get the amazing privilege of finding out how my ‘little’ act of obedience changed people’s lives. But how many things do we do, do YOU do, that impacted someone and you won’t know this side of Heaven how much of a difference you made?


I’m sharing the behind-the-scenes side with you all to say this…


If I can change the world while sitting in my living room feeling discouraged and exhausted and in my frumpy clothes, anyone can!


You plus God equals everything you need.


All you have to do is keep being you. Keep doing those dreams God put on your heart. Keep pursuing your calling. Some days you’ll feel great and inspired and some days you won’t. Either way, you’re making a difference.


You may not always know it, but you are changing the world!


I am a Creative World-Changer. You are too!