Finding Your Calling Shouldn’t Be Hard

By April 2, 2016Inspire

It was only about 30 minutes.


That was the time it took for my taxi-driver to get me to my destination. It was also the time it took for me to help him find what he really wanted to do with his life.


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Photo Credit: Ben Waardenburg, Unsplash


As I was getting in the car, he asked me what I did. I said I help people find and pursue their calling.


He got really excited and said he could use my help.


I couldn’t resist! 🙂


By the end of the drive, actually about half-way there, I’d helped him unpack the dreams in his heart. I wish I could share his vision for you without giving too much away, but let me just say it’s an amazing idea that will revolutionize tourism. In fact, as I told him, I believe the world will be missing out if he DOESN’T do it!


The truth is, he actually knew what he was supposed to be doing with his life. It’s written in his DNA. But fears, life’s disappointments, etc. had covered it over. I just uncovered it for him. To be fair, it’s a lot of what I’ve been doing during my nearly 25 years of coaching and mentoring and teaching and training. So if you haven’t figured your calling out yet, don’t feel bad. I’ve just had a lot of practice! 🙂


But even still…


Call me crazy. But I don’t think it should take YEARS to find your calling.


I hear people talk about finding their calling like it’s this big long process and maybe by the time you’re 80, if you’re lucky!, you’ll have it figured out.


I know not everyone will agree with me, but I just don’t think it’s true.


A fish doesn’t spend its life wondering what it’s supposed to do with its life! It’s just a freaking fish and gets on with it.  


Who you are is wired in your being. What you’re supposed to be doing is right there in plain site. You were created with the perfect mix of strengths to do exactly what you’re called to do. You already have everything you need to do everything you’re called to do.


Yes, you may GROW in definition and understanding as life goes on and you try different things. I understand a lot more than I did at 18. But at the core, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be easy to discover what you’re wired to do.


Here are a few thoughts to help you find your calling:


1. Ask yourself, what do you LOVE to do?

I know this sounds super simple, but really, we were wired to do stuff we love. What’s that thing you do that you do in your free time? What’s that thing I couldn’t pay you enough money to stop doing?


I can’t help myself from helping people find and pursue their calling. In a taxi, on an airplane, at a party, I want to know what people really want to do with their lives. I want to see them living their dreams. I want to see people doing what they were born to do. You couldn’t stop me if you tried.


What’s that thing you absolutely love doing and could do if you woke up from a coma and I said ‘go’?


2. Your calling isn’t just what you do. It’s who you are.

You are you no matter what you do. I was called to be a mother long before we adopted Immanuel. I was called to come alongside people and create a safe place them to be released in who they are. I did this by helping single moms when I was in college, encouraging the guy at the check-out, mentoring and coaching people of all  ages throughout the years. I was a mother everywhere I went. You can be you, you can do what you are called to do wherever you are.


What you do comes out of who you ARE.


3. If you knew everyone in your life would approve no matter what you did, what would you do?

I ask this question because a lot of times people aren’t doing what they really want to be doing because of what some key person in their life might think. They worry their mom won’t approve, or their best friend will laugh or their teachers have said they’d never be able to do it.


Let’s assume for a second they will all think it’s great.


What do you really want to do? Maybe it’s be a writer or artist or speak to stadiums of people or change how water is cleaned in developing nations.


You have a free will. You can choose to NOT do what you want, what you know deep down you were created for, because of what someone else will think, because someone else has said you can’t. But at the end of the day, when your life is over, do you really want to have missed out on doing and being all you could be? Because some person wouldn’t approve?


What’s that thing you’re not doing because of what someone else might think? I hope you’ll go do it anyway.


Like I told the taxi driver, the world needs you to. We’re all missing out if you don’t. Only you can do what you do in the way that you do it.


You have permission to be YOU!


I am a Creative World-Changer. You are too!


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