Are You Making Yourself Too Small?

By April 5, 2016Inspire

No matter how much she knocked or how hard she tried, the doors weren’t opening.


I was meeting with someone, I’ll call her Stacy, who was struggling with taking the next steps in her calling.


Stacy was feeling stuck.


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Photo Credit: Matthew Wiebe, Unsplash


She had an amazing vision for helping children in developing countries in an innovative way, and she wanted to come alongside others with the same mission and serve with them. But no doors were opening. She kept knocking and seeking, but nothing was opening. She was feeling understandably frustrated!


I listened to her talk and could see what was causing the difficulty.


As she shared her heart and her vision, I realized why no doors were opening.


The ‘problem’ was she’s a pioneer.


Being a pioneer has it’s challenges and blessings, but one of the characteristics of pioneering is you’re going to be doing something NO ONE’S EVER DONE BEFORE.


I remember when I was putting on my events in the theatre. They were these out-of-the-box experiences with a storyline,¬†live painting, dance, music and interactive stations during the intermission where people were praying, getting encouragement from and experiencing God, without even realizing it. I was creating a covert revival service. What I was doing didn’t fit the typical church drama performance and it certainly didn’t fit the typical theatre event!


Someone from out of town asked me if I knew anyone else doing this where they live. No, I didn’t. Truth was, I didn’t know anyone doing this ANYWHERE.


There was no map. I had to make all my own mistakes.


I also got to create all my own thing. I could learn some principles from other people, but no one was walking or had walked the path I was in.


This had its advantages and disadvantages, and I won’t lie and say it wasn’t hard. It was also amazing to be doing and pioneering and building something new.


But, like Stacy, I wasn’t going to be able to join what someone else was doing.


I was called to do something new and different.


The same was true for Stacy. The same might be true for you.


The doors weren’t opening, because they weren’t the right ones for her. She was trying to go through a door too small. And God, in his graciousness, was keeping them closed.


He had bigger, better plans.


Now, let me be super clear about something. I’m NOT saying we shouldn’t come alongside other people and serve.


I have spent many years serving other people’s dreams and ministries (as had she). I am forever grateful for that time I did. I am always still open to serving wherever God leads me.


But I would be doing God and the world a disservice, if – as a PIONEER – I continued to serve alongside other people’s visions.


One of my mentors said to me a few years ago, when I was trying to serve his ministry, ‘Katherine, you need to just go do what you’re called to do.’


So I did. And I’m so glad! (Thank you to my mentor. You know who you are!)


I told her she needed to pioneer her own ministry. She needed to create her own team.


Basically, she was making her next steps too small. She was making HERSELF too small.


The calling God had for her required pioneering her own space for the vision He’d given her.


How about you? Are you seeing doors close? Are you struggling to figure out how to move forward?


It may be you’re trying to do something too small for what God has for you.


Only you and God know the answer to this. But…


Maybe, just maybe, you need to dream bigger.


I am a Creative World-Changer. You are too.