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Photo of Katherine MartinHi, I’m Katherine Martin, one of the Founding Directors of Three Heavens. (My husband Daniel is the other. You won’t see him much, but he’s just as important, behind-the-scenes, right beside me, making it all happen.) 

We’re a community passionate about bringing you into a tangible experience of the wonder and love of God and releasing you in your destiny. We believe in a God you can know, experience, and be more real than any human being. We’re based in northern California, and love helping people all around the world pursue their calling and change the world in their own unique way.


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Katherine Martin is a Visionary Leader, Speaker and Founder of Three Heavens. She has a vision to see Dreamers, Creatives, Movers & Shakers become the powerful people they were born to be and do what they were born to do. Katherine inspires Creative World-Changers to partner with God to change the world in their own unique way. With a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing and background in drama, she brings a creative dynamic to her teachings. 

Katherine has lived in eight states and three countries and traveled to many more. She met her husband Daniel while helping bring cultural transformation to Northern Ireland. They now live in northern California with their son Immanuel who they adopted when he was 19 years old


Daniel Martin is a gifted prophetic teacher, with the ability to convey deep mysteries in plain English. Born in England, he spent twenty years in the formerly conflict-torn region of Northern Ireland, where he learned to hate religion and depend utterly on the Father. Daniel carries a deep revelation of the Father’s transforming Love. He has a gift of faith for miracles and a passion to see the promises of God released through the people of God.

He is a walking encyclopedia and a media guru with over ten years of I.T. experience. Daniel plays a range of ethnic instruments, has a wonderful eye for photography and is able to fix just about any computer problem thinkable. He loves to help people get launched in their dreams. He’s also Katherine’s favorite person on the planet.


Katherine & Daniel are ordained through The River Fellowship.

Three Heavens is 501(c)(3) California Non-Profit. Gifts to Three Heavens are deductible for income tax purposes within the limits prescribed by law. Your support is hugely appreciated. EIN 45-218320.