A Moment of Rest

By March 3, 2016Inspire

I hear the word ‘Selah’. 


I feel like God wants me to pray for and declare REST over you.


Resting in a field

Photo Credit: Ilham Rahmansyah, Creative Commons


Now, I’m all for pushing towards our calling and not just sitting around waiting for things to happen.


I believe rest isn’t about activity or inactivity.


It’s an attitude of the heart. It’s about coming into alignment with God’s heartbeat, and His heartbeat is I love you, I love you, I love you


But I also believe God created the Sabbath for a reason.


We need those moments of quiet. Those moments of reflection. Those moments of peace.


We need those moments when we just stop for a moment and ‘be’.


So I want you to receive a moment of rest from God…


I declare that you are good enough. God has made space for you and your calling. He’s got your back. He is rooting for you. He has set you up for success. I pray you’d be able to take a moment and rest in His loving arms and hear Him speak His affirmation over you (and then stay there!) 🙂  Your calling is more than what you do. It’s who you are. In God, just you being you, is AMAZING.


Enjoy your moment of ‘Selah’ with God.


I am a Creative World-Changer. You are too!